The reality is that if you train for 3 hours p/w that works out to be just over 2% of your week in total.

Let that sink in for a moment...


Look at this in two ways.

1/ This means what you do in the gym, in that small fraction of your week, needs to be damn good. Not complicated or fancy, but in line with the results you want to get and you must make it count by grafting hard.

2/ What you do in 98% of the time outside of the gym is critical to gaining results. Career, homelife, social, recovery, your overall lifestyle; this is make or break when it comes to getting the physique you desire.

As a trainer it's my responsibility to guide my clients through effective workouts that are relevant to their goals.

As a coach it's my responsibility to guide my clients through their every day lives, to make conscious decisions and to do so in such a way that we can both work towards their goals but importantly, do so in a way that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle.

Take control of both, but realise it's far easier to make mistakes in that 98% compared to the 2%.