It's taken me years of trial, error, research and at times, head to brick wall moments to get to where I am today. That said if I knew back when I started what i know now? WOW. Different story.

That's exactly why I do what I do. I help guys take the necessary steps to move towards their goal physique by slapping on muscle and shedding body fat. There's no quick-fix but there is a lot of pitfalls and crucial decisions to make in order to get to where you want to be...

1/ GET STRONGER - The stronger you get, the better your potential to contract muscle. The better you can contract a muscle the more potential there is to grow/burn calories. Simple.

2/ EAT MORE - You'll never put on an shred of muscle without being in a calorie surplus (eating more calories than you burn). Most young, lean but under muscled guys have crazy high metabolisms so feed the fire and make sure your body has plenty of bricks to build with.

3/ BE CREATIVE - Do the same routine, eat the same food, train at the same gym and you'll soon find yourself underwhelmed and bored. Change things up and keep things fresh in and out of the gym.

4/ TRACK YOUR PROGRESS - I harp on about this all the time but it's so crucial to gauging whether what you're doing is actually working. Pictures, weight, workouts.. the more info you have the better.

5/ MAKE CONSCIOUS DECISIONS - Picking spirits over beer, knowing when to rest rather than train, leaving the starters alone to leave room for a desert instead. What seem like passing thoughts to others, to you need to be conscious and somewhat calculated. These decisions will become second nature over time and become solid habits crucial to your success.

6/ PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION - Always strive for progress over perfection. Perfection in this game doesn't exist but be okay with that and enjoy the process of chasing it, be motivated to strive to always be 1% better every single day.

7/ BAD DAYS COUNT MORE THAN GOOD - It's easy to bring your A game on a good day when everything is cool and smooth. Try grinding out a decent workout or keeping on track with your nutrition on a bad day where shit's all over the place, that's tough. Nail your 'bad' days and the good ones will look after themselves.

8/ DO IT FOR YOU - Not to look good in front of your mates, not to pull some girl who quite frankly gives zero f%*ks about how many lumps you have on your stomach, not to get Instagram fame... Do it because YOU want to do it and it means something to YOU.

9/ HARD GRAFT - No shortcuts here. You need to be a god damn warrior in your training sessions. No transformation ever happened from a few lackadaisical weeks of cardio or hiding at the back of a few spin classes. You need to accept that change comes from being uncomfortable. No matter how advanced, pretty and professional your plan is, working your nuts off is absolutely essential.

10/ ENJOY THE PROCESS - This is simple, if you hate it, you won't do it. There's so many ways to get leaner and bigger... But you have to take the route that keeps you keen for more. Maybe you want to have a dabble at powerlifting, perhaps you fancy kickboxing a few times a week, even a god damn zumba class.. You need to be dedicated sure, but equally you need to embrace, enjoy and love the process if you are to piece together your winning formula to build the physique you've always wanted.

There's your 10 GOLDEN RULES, now go and make it happen!