I'm a big believer in working on yourself as a person, not just in a way that gets you abs and pecs but a way that brings you success in all areas. I'm far from being there yet, but being a work in progress is a good place to be! Here's a couple of things I work on daily that might help you too.

1/ PLAY THE LONG GAME - Being hungry for success is great but it's easy to let this overflow into impatience. I have been guilty of this more than a few times and I've learnt some pretty costly lessons as a result. In world that's ever changing and in many situations instant and at our fingertips, it's easy to fall in this trap. Truth is, great things take time. Brick by brick. Day by day. 

2/ IT'S OKAY NOT TO BE LIKED - If you let your urge to be liked by everyone over power your urge to be strong in your mission you will sink into a vanilla existence making it difficult for you to push forward and stand out from the crowd. There will always be someone who doesn't agree with your opinion, your ethics or the way you operate, and that's absolutely fine. As the saying goes, you can be the ripest, shiniest, plumpest peach on the tree but there will still be someone who just doesn't like peaches.

3/ OPEN THESE AND SHUT THAT - You have two ears, two eyes and one mouth. That should tell you something! Spend the majority of your time watching and listening in the right places and around the right people, whether they be your Trainer, Mentor or Client. Listening and looking will teach you ALOT.

4/ STOP THE DICK MEASURING - Social media is the devil for this. Don't base your success on Instagram showing you who's driving what, seemingly tropical holiday lifestyles or trophy girlfriends/boyfriends. Fact is, the car is probably leased, the holiday is on a maxed credit card and the other half is cheating on them. Okay, a little cynical but even if all of their success is legit, cool, be inspired, not deflated. Anyone else's success or lack of it has no bearing on what you can achieve if you choose to get your head down and do the work to focus on you.

5/ GOOD HEALTH IS MORE THAN ABS - We all want to look good but trust me, if you want the best from amazing health understand being lean enough to see your abs is a drop in the ocean of the bigger picture. Being in great health can allow you to be confident, strong, comfortable, proud, focused, sure of yourself, able to create a family, able to see your family grow up, the list goes on. The majority of those who do great things take pride in their physical health and wellbeing by making fitness a daily part of their routine. Start making it a priority in your life rather than an accessory.