Losing fat requires your calories to be lower than you'd like at certain times, that's pretty much a given. There's loads of ways to try and soften this blow; cardio, use of sweeteners/zero calorie alternatives, increasing total daily steps per day etc etc.

One of my favorite tactics is playing the food volume game. As in making your calories go as far as possible by making food choices that fill your plate with a minimal caloric hit. 

Here's 4 hacks to make your food volume increase whilst seeing a body fat decrease:

1: Load up on greens; they contain minimal calories and a shed load of micronutrients crucial for so many health reasons. 

2: Cauliflower rice and spiralised veg has really taken off this past 12 months. It's readily available at most supermarkets these days and will save you a ton of calories if you sub it in for rice or pasta several times a week.

3: Keeping your protein sources low fat (most of the time) is another easy way to fill your plate up. Opt for white protein sources like chicken, turkey or white fish as these contain as little as 1-3g of fat per 100g typically, compared to red meats like steak and lamb which can easily rack up a fat content in excess of ten times that. 

4: Avoid sugar/fat dense condiments like sweet chilli, bbq sauce or mayonaise and replace with lighter calorie options like mustard, cider/balsamic vinegar, mint sauce or hot sauce to save yourself calories you can then put towards foods that fill your plate much more substantially.