So you have a desk bound job but you want to lose fat? Here's some ideas:

1/ AN ACTIVE COMMUTE - Get off the tube a stop or two early to get your total steps for the day up. If you're an iphone user you can track your steps daily using the pre-set health app.

2/ CARB CYCLE - As you have a sedentary job, your need for carbohydrates will be relatively low when working. Consider structuring in 2-3 lower carb days followed by 1 moderate/higher carb day (individual specific). Cut carbs out all together and you'll feel awful craving nothing but carbs, but reduce your intake and be smart about how and when you consume them and you could be dropping fat in no time.

3/ DESK SNACKS - Work based snacking can be a killer when it comes to losing fat. Avoid the stereotypical cake and biscuits and keep your own healthy stash in your office drawer. Beef jerky, egg white crisps, small bags of nuts or good quality protein bars will help keep you on the straight and narrow.

4/ GROUP EXERCISE SESSIONS - A cost effective way to get you and a few friends from the office on your feet and sweating at lunchtime. Many Trainers now offer this service in short-sharp 30-45 minute sessions that are ideal for you to get stuck into on your lunch break. Being involved as a group may also help keep you motivated and consistent, just pick your group wisely!

5/ A CHARITY EVENT - Maybe something simple like a 5k run? Or really throw yourself in there and do the Three Peaks Challenge? Put the idea to the boss and the rest of the office and see how it goes down. Everyone benefits here; the charity gains funding, the company gains exposure, you gain extra accountability to hit your fitness and physique goals!