Time is precious and it's constantly running out, so i'm sure you'll agree we need to do all we can to maximise our time and not waste any.

Health and fitness gets pushed to the side as many see it as a drain on time that just isn't available. You don't have to train 6 times a week and spend hours in the kitchen to start burning fat, building muscle and improving your overall health.

Here's my five top tips for maximising your time in order to work towards your health and fitness goals.

1/ FOOD PREP IN BULK- Cooking up large quantities of food to last over several days will save so much time over cooking every meal fresh. Try to allocate certain days to food prep so say 30 minutes in the evening on a Sunday and Wednesday for example.

2/ BIG LIFTS- Focus on the big compound movements that hit a lot of muscle mass at once. You'll burn a ton more calories squatting compared to bicep curling. Think deadlifts, lunges, military press, pull ups etc. 

3/ INTERVALS/HIIT/TABATA- Awesome for getting cardio done and dealt with quickly. You'll rarely spend over 15 minutes completing a true high intensity interval session and continue to burn excess calories for the remainder of the day.

4/ FRESH UNCOOKED VEG- No need to mess around spending time steaming, roasting boiling or however you choose to cook your veg. Go for vegetables like peppers, carrots, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes etc that dont require any preparation except maybe some chopping (and you can even pick up the sliced and diced, ready to go stuff in the supermarket now so there really is no excuses!).

5/ MORNING CARDIO & EMAILS- A couple of my professional clients have this programmed in several times a week and it's an awesome way to hit two birds with one stone. Working at a medium intensity on the bike or cross trainer is a great way to start your day allowing you to get some calories burnt and knock out any emails you need to get fired out.