If you're reading this as someone who is based in London, but also as someone who wants to get fitter, healthier and look/feel better, I want you to realise what an awesome place you're in to make this happen.

With over 500 commercial, private and corporate fitness facilities, London is oozing with options for you to get your sweat on. From raw bodybuilding gyms to hot yoga studios the city of London really has something for everyone.

Not only that, the city has also seen a boom in health based restaurants and food retailers so you're rarely ever more than a tube stop away from a healthy lunch. 

You've also got plenty of awesome scenery if you just want to just get your running shoes on and get outside. 

So I urge you to resist the urge to make excuses. 

"It's easier to eat fast food".

"I don't have time".

"The gym is expensive".

"I get too tired".

"I'm going to start in the New Year".

The process of improving your physical state rarely happens by accident, so you will have to make some conscious choices to get to a better place. No more excuses. Time to start seeking out solutions and enjoying all that London has to offer.