For anyone wanting to get the most from their workouts, resting and recovering is as important as training itself. A few key points...

YOU NEED THEM: If you train intensely day in and day out, not only will your body not thank you for it, but you'll likely become disinterested at the monotony of the weights room. Having a few days away from the gym will do wonders for your physical recovery and motivation.

ADJUSTING YOUR DIET: My personal preference is to drop carbohydrates down slightly on rest days and replace those calories with healthy fats instead. You won't need the influx of carbohydrates given your reduced activity and the healthy fats have fantastic anti inflammatory properties which will further aid your recovery. So out with the potatoes and rice, in with the steak, salmon and nuts.

ACTIVE RECOVERY: If like me you struggle to take your down time, think about using your rest days as days you can get involved in other activities that will benefit your training goals. Yoga, pilates or just doing your own mobility and stretching work are all great options.

WHEN TO TAKE A REST DAY: If you feel your workout intensity lagging after several days straight training; maybe your strength is down or you are struggling to concentrate on your workout, it could be worth thinking about taking a rest day. Another common scenario you should put your feet up is if you are going to be going out to consume alcohol (in relatively large/free amounts) later that night. Being hungover and trying to recover from a workout is pretty tough on the body and both processes of recovery will slow down when combined!