Training legs hard and properly is a tough gig. It's arguably one of the most gruelling sessions of your training week but definitely one of the sessions that will give you most bang for your buck.

Here's 6 reasons you MUST NOT skip it...

1/ THE ULTIMATE FAT BURNER - The bigger the muscle group the better equipped it is to burn more calories. Quads, hamstrings and glutes are all massive muscles that will knock out a ton more calories than your smaller upper body muscle groups.

2/ PHYSIQUE BALANCE - We've all seen the guy that skips leg day and sits so top heavy he might just fall over if the wind gets up. Having a balanced and proportionate physique means training all body parts. This is key to looking great both in and out of clothes.

3/ INJURY PREVENTION - Anyone with major discrepancies between strength in muscle groups is risking injury. Take a deadlift for example; you might have a super strong back that can deal with a heavy load but if you have hamstrings like cheese strings something is eventually going to give.

4/ MUSCLE BUILDING HORMONES - Performing big compound movements like squats, lunges, deadlifts etc that incorporate multiple muscle groups (including a ton of lower body ones) will help amp up your anabolic hormones which won't just help you build muscle in the muscles involved in the specific movements, but it will help create a biochemical environment within the body that will aid muscle gain in all areas.

5/ ATHLETICISM - Great if you have a 200kg bench press but it means naff all when it comes to your ability to run, jump, kick, change direction etc. If you play a team sport or just generally want to move better, you're missing out big time by not putting in the work on your pins.

6/ BEDROOM FITNESS - It makes sense that if you have strong glutes and hips that this will transfer across to other areas of your life pretty well too. Enough said. On a similar note, gents I promise you that woman are looking at how well your backside fills your jeans far more than they are obsessing over how many lumps and lines you have in your stomach.