1/ YOUR COMMUTE - Your choice of travel to and from work every day could be a great chance for you to get some calories burnt. Do you get the tube to work in London? Get off a stop early and get those steps in. Maybe you work only a couple of miles from where you live? In this case maybe cycling to and from work would be a cool way to get your daily activity up (and save some petrol money!). The other thing to consider is how stressful is your commute? If every day it's an unbearable grief then it's time to try and think around it. Being stressed for extended periods of time isn't great for you for all kinds of reasons and will make it physiologically tougher for you to lose fat.

2/ YOUR OFFICE SNACKING - This is a real fail to prepare, prepare to fail situation. You know there's a vendor on the floor below, you know there's a biscuit tin in the kitchen and you know Susan is bringing in cakes from home this Friday like she does every Friday. So what you need to do is pre-empt these potential pitfalls by getting on top of your snacking options. Keep a stash of healthy snacks in the bottom drawer of your desk. Protein bars, small snack size portions of nuts, maybe some beef jerky. Having these available when temptation is around will be the difference between you caving or staying on track with your nutrition and physique goals.

3/ WORK DRINKS - You don't need to be the guy that never goes out skipping all social functions but what you do need to do is make better decisions when you are out. If you're entertaining clients tonight, cut the carbs down through the day to allow the extra calories that will come from eating out and having a couple of drinks. Even better if where drinking is concerned you can opt for clear spirits rather than beers or dark liquors. Nothing too sweet mixer wise either, trade the coke for soda water and lime or diet coke instead.