Probably one of the most common meals of the day you could be improving to push you closer to your physique goals. Drop the toast and cereal and try out these:

1/ THE LEAN MAN'S FRY UP: So the idea here is that the majority of the fats will be healthy ones, the carbs will be super low and you'll get a strong punch of protein. Combine HECK chicken or pork sausages, a couple of eggs (fried, scrambled or poached is fine), a few rashers of turkey bacon and maybe one green vegetable and you're good to go. Cooking the meat on a grill opposed to a pan will save some calories too.

2/ INSTAGRAM OATS: Two options here; either you go for the overnight soaked and chilled oats option (loads of recipes out there combining all kinds of natural ingredients depending on your pref) or the hot, traditional, get it done in the morning option. So many struggle with the best way to cook their oats. The simplest way is to just add enough boiling water to the oats and allow the oats a few minutes to absorb the water. Add a scoop of protein powder and some dark berries to jazz it up and bump the protein content right up. For extra points eat out of a quirky jar and upload using valencia filter.

3/ GREEK YOGHURT MASH: Probably the quickest one with the least skill required. All you need is a 180g tub of Total 0% Greek yoghurt then a portion of dark fruit, a portion of nuts/nut butter, maybe a drizzle of honey and again a scoop of protein. Mix it up. Done. 

4/ SUPER GREENS OMLETTE: 2-3 eggs with optional extra egg whites if you want to bulk your portion out and boost the protein content higher. No need for extra milk here. Maybe a pinch of paprika and mixed herbs to the egg mix. Add antioxidant rich spinach of Kale to the pan half way through cooking and allow it to wilt down. Again it's on you to pick your extras. I personally like to get some low fat grated cheese involved and maybe some red onion and mushroom. It's criminal to not top it off with reduced sugar ketchup.

5/ THE CHELSEA BREAKFAST: Another trendy one but again nice and easy to prepare. All you need here is a portion of smoked salmon, a couple of poached eggs and 1/2 a medium avocado. Jam packed with healthy fats and protein and very low in carbs. To make it extra posh throw some grilled asparagus in there too.



*DISCLAIMER* These are generalised healthy breakfast ideas. For you and your individual circumstances you may benefit from a more specific set of breakfast guidelines.