1. STOP THE BULKING - You don't need 10,000 calorie cheat days or any of those sickly mass gaining shakes to get this kind of physique. A steady calorie surplus/deficit is as crazy as it needs to get.

2. CONDITIONING & BODYWEIGHT EXERCISE - Don't just lift weights if you want a muscular but athletic build. Keeping mobile incorporating various training methods will do wonders. Think plyometrics (explosive bodyweight movements), callisthenics (bodyweight bar work) and also get creative with your cardio.

3. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF - So if you're after this kind of physique, it's no good laying down the muscle and shedding the fat if you have a back hairy as Big Foot's and you haven't showered since last Friday. I'm not saying you need to be hollywood hairless and fake baked but you do need to cover the basics of male grooming!

4. BUILD YOUR V-TAPER - This is all about creating the illusion of a tight waist with a wide back and shoulders. Even more important if you have a naturally broad waist like me. Hitting lots of lateral raise movements and going easy on the oblique exercises will help create this.

5. POSTURE WORK - The vast majority of us guys are internally rotated to some degree (round shouldered). To combat this you need to hit your back training sessions hard. All of a sudden you'll find your chest will start looking awesome and you'll grow an inch.

6. STOP STARVING YOURSELF - Going super low on calories will burn fat initially, but long term it leaves you in a sticky situation where you'll pack on fat twice as quick as you lost it and you'll find yourself in a constant yo-yo battle to get your abs back. Again, like the bulking point above, there is no need for extremes. A slight deficit in calories will bring about fatloss, just be patient, consistent and stop expecting to wake up looking like an action figure overnight. Good things take time.