There's no doubt about it, steroids work. Well they can if you know what you're doing with them (not without a bag full of risks in either case though). 

But what if you could to some degree get the same effects, naturally?

Well the good news is you can!

Steroids are designed to manipulate your body's hormones in a way that makes it easier to build muscle and burn fat.

Here's a few things you can do 100% naturally to create similar benefits:

1. HEALTHY FATS- One of the functions of dietary fat is to bolster hormonal function, including keeping your testosterone levels amped. Keep on top of this and you're in an awesome position to slap some muscle on. Oily fish, avocado, steak and coconut oil are great choices.

2. BIG LIFTS- Getting stronger at the big compound lifts will do wonders for elevating your natural GH (growth hormone) levels. This is another chemical many will take artificially, but unless you're looking to jump on the Mr Olympia stage or have some form of Dwarfism, this is something you definitely would be better steering clear of.

3. SLEEP QUALITY- This is the best opportunity your body has to recharge and rebuild from the beastings you're giving it at the gym. Without solid recovery you're never going to get the best from your following sessions, thus losing out on some vital gains! Get to bed earlier, supplement with ZMA and keep away from tech (phone, laptop, tv) and caffeine in the hours before you hit the sack.

4. DESTRESS- Cortisol (stress hormone) is great in small spikes, specifically during/post-workout. However if your cortisol levels stay elevated throughout the day due to high stress this could be a big problem. Prolonged periods of  high cortisol will pull your testosterone down making you feel tired and lethargic. Bad news when it comes to building muscle and burning fat . Manage your daily stress levels to avoid this. It might mean meditation, massage or just simply managing your day more efficiently.