Some great results here from one of my guys who has recently made his way through my exclusive 12-week online coaching program.

We have been working towards that Men's Health UK cover model look.

There were gains to be made, particularly slapping some muscle on shoulders, chest and arms but also we wanted to really sharpen the faint lines up through his midsection and reveal a harder six-pack.

This dude managed to juggle the hustle and bustle of London life, a highly stressful job, often travelling hundreds of miles a week and a house move all whilst keeping on track towards his goals.

We did this by working with his lifestyle, not against it.

No calorie counting.

No endless hours of cardio.

No alcohol ban.

But what he did have was me in his corner with a solid plan, consistent support and ongoing feedback.

Very proud of this guy and looking forward to potentially cracking on later this year with him towards his next bench mark- a photoshoot.

I've opened up places to bring two guys in on my flagship IMPETUS online coaching program.

If you've decided 2016 is the year you're finally going to stop pussy footing around, falling in and out of training, trying different 'diets' in an effort to get yourself some holiday abs drop me a DM.

P.S. I will also be taking on ONE guy into a special one off program I am currently making the finishing touches to that pulls out all the stops to take you from soft and squishy to lean and ripped. This will require next level commitment from someone who is willing to go the extra mile, dig deep and finally make it happen without excuses. They will working incredibly close with me throughout the process and no doubt learn to both love and hate me!

Keep your eyes peeled for the application form available this week.