How to look after your skin post workout: FIT Skincare


Like most modern day males, I want to both look and feel good. I spend a good 6-10 hours a week in the gym for this very reason. As a man I have always struggled to find a grooming regime that compliments this. I am constantly rushing around, travelling light and don’t have the patience for anything too intricate. I have sampled countless male grooming/skin care brands over the years in an effort to find the one that ticks all the boxes for me. Recently I was fortunate enough to pick up a variety of products from ‘FIT Skincare’, a high end range which seems to be the must have brand this summer; here’s how I got on:

I feel like sometimes brands will make a sub par product with average ingredients then make it smell like passionfruit or wild flowers in an effort to boost it’s appeal. Not this stuff; it has a subtle but very fresh scent that isn’t too over powering. It actually feels like it is cleaning my hair and scalp not just making it smell like it is. Very impressed with this and will definitely be getting hold of more.

I have only used two other products like this before but to be honest felt little to no benefit to justify the price tags. Eyedrate is designed to apply under the eyes post shower to help revitalise and hydrate the sensitive and often tired looking skin under them. I myself am an eye rubber so can often get quite sore, dry and puffy around the eyes, so I was really happy to test this out. I have felt a genuine difference applying this every morning. Although I do still have somewhat dark circles, they have improved, as has the texture. The skin surrounding my eyes feels smoother, and as the name of the product would suggest, far more hydrated.

I am a big fan of lip balms since suffering with dry lips in the past as a result of skin medications so was keen to try this. It did exactly what I hoped it would; left my lips feeling soft and protected from cracking without a glossy feminine appearance. Definitely will be a staple part of my grooming regime as we move towards the winter months.


This was the big one for me. I have used so many day-to-day moisturisers over the years and always struggled to find the one that’s right for me. As someone who commonly showers up to 3 times a day, I have always wanted something quick and easy to apply, doesn’t take long to absorb, doesn’t leave me feeling oily and something that I feel allows my skin to breath and feel supple but protected. I found with the moisturising ultra serum less really is more, you don’t need to apply much at all to get the coverage you need, which is exactly what I would expect from a high end product. It feels like it actually allows my skin to ‘breath’ better than if I actually had nothing on my face at all! No problem at all for me using this several times a day if I needed to. I experienced no irritation, no acne flare-ups and what I feels like an improved skin texture to my face overall. Five stars!

All products come in very subtle but sleek packaging. Nothing is too cumbersome for my gym bag so I don’t have to feel like I’m carrying half my bathroom around. All products had a common trait of surprising me how little I needed to use. I think this is testament to the quality of the ingredient profile in each product and the lack of worthless additives designed to bulk a product out, commonly found in your average male grooming products. In summary, I was impressed by all the products I tested and will definitely be continuing my use of them for the foreseeable future.

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