High intensity interval training (HIIT) is probably one of the trendiest, quickest ways to legitimately burn fat right now; but what's the best way to do it?

Here's 6 of my personal favourites that will help you torch calories and aid in your fatloss journey:

1/ Incline Treadmill Sprints- Old school and brutal. A nice simple structure of 20 seconds sprinting, 40 seconds rest for 10-15 rounds is a great place to start. To intensify it either fire the incline up steeper, sprint for longer, reduce the rest periods, increase the speed, or increase overall rounds.

2/ Spin bike Intervals- Another nasty one. You can adopt the same approach as above with structure and timings but rather than stop on the rest period it's a much better idea to keep yourlegs spinning . Bump up the resistance on the bike when sprinting and drop it right down when you are ticking over between intervals.

3/ Pad/bag work- Love this one for anyone wanting to unleash some aggression. Pads are a great way to go providing you're working with someone trained to use them; if you're on your own then the bag is the way to go. In this format you can afford to go slightly longer on the work phase as you won't be going 100% 'balls to the wall' intensity like the two instances above.

4/ Tyre flips- These are fantastic for utilising your body as a whole. Every muscle has to work to get that tyre up and over so it won't take long before you start to feel beat. Ensure you are strict on your technique and maintain a neutral back position much like you would squatting or deadlifting. Get this wrong and injury will be waiting for you.

5/ Water sprints- Get in the pool up to waist height and go mad on 20-30m sprints Great for anyone looking to minimise impact on their joints. Not one many people are conditioned for so don't be surprised when these wipe the floor with you.

6/ Home workouts- There's loads of stuff out there on this kind of thing. Great for anyone who wants a quick blast in the comfort of their own home. Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) has put a lot of good stuff out their using these kinds of movements. Think burpees, mountain climbers, star jumps, press ups.

Don't stick to any of the above for too long, your body will adapt and get efficient quickly and being inefficient will burn more calories thus helping you to become leaner!