With London setting the standard with it's huge influx of health and fitness based facilities over the past few years, the surrounding counties are starting to catch up. The following are a few of my top picks you should make an effort to visit if you're Essex based like myself.

1/ ABSALUTE GYM - Over the past 5/6 years the guys at Absalute have built an empire of the best equipped gyms in the county. With gyms in Brentwood, Romford, Thurrock and Chelmsford, Absalute has managed to strike just the right balance of 'spit and sawdust' with extensive high grade equipment. Not only that, all four gyms have multiple personal trainers who work independently in their own specialist disciplines, which means you'll never be far from a helping hand if you need it in any area of fitness. If you want to take your training to the next level and surround yourself with other people hungry for results, these gyms are where you need to be.

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2/ HEALTHY ROOTS - This is exactly what every high street needs. An eatery that prides itself on providing quality, tasty food with both eat in or take out dining options. A varied menu comprised of the best quality ingredients makes this place a 'must visit' if you're passing through. Based in Upminster, Healthy Roots is the only place of it's kind in the local vicinity, although given their massive popularity I'm sure we'll see other start ups come in to try to replicate. 

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3/ ESSEX BOOTCAMP - If the gym isn't for you or you simply prefer to get yourself outdoors and you want to get fitter, stronger and leaner you need to check these guys out. With thousands of members enjoying their bootcamp based training every week from over 20 locations, the Essex Bootcamp movement has grown through a combination of effective but fun and engaging sessions paired with an awesome sense of team spirit. The trainers love what they do and care about every member's personal fitness journey. 

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