I love the odd takeaway as much as the next man and so do my clients. So rather than eradicate them from your diet, wouldn't you prefer to make better guilt free choices that didn't derail your whole week of progress? Here's the good, bad and ugly of the takeaway world:

1/ FISH AND CHIPS - Simple but satisfying, a traditional fish and chips typically weighs in at between 1000-1500 calories (and that's without the tommy k). It's pretty obvious where the bulk of the calories are coming from - the frying/battering process. Keep the fish in though and steer clear from the processed battered sausage/pie options. A large portion of chips can also be as much as 800 calories, so reign in the portion size here.

2/ MCDONALDS - Loads of options here. Lets look at a typical meal choice (my exact one as a kid actually); a Big Mac Meal with large chips and a large chocolate milk shake stacks up at just short of 1500 calories. If you want to practically halve those calories, get yourself a grilled chicken and bacon salad and you can even throw in a large chicken selects for good measure.

3/ DOMINOES - This is one of the big hitters. A large mighty meat will set you back 2000 calories and a massive 90g of fat! When you add in your sauces and garlic bread you're getting up to the 2500 mark. Trade that in for a large Italian crust hot and spicy to save yourself more than 700 calories. 

4/ CHINESE - Chinese food can be an absolute minefield. From deep fat frying to crazy amounts of salt to very poor quality processed meat, it's easy to get lost here. However, I find most people's issue here is portion control. We tend to pick at a little bit of everything here, which amounts to a lot of food! Pick whatever you like but stick to just a main meal and one side then call it a day.