With 2016 on it's way out you might be starting to think about all the things you want to achieve in 2017. If getting into great shape is up there then the following action plan is for you:

DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT - Is it a six pack? Is it strength? Is it fat loss? Is it overall improved fitness? Whatever it is, it's essential you have definitive goals. The more specific and focused your goals are the easier it is to stay on course towards achieving them.

REVERSE ENGINEER - This is about mapping out realistic timeframes. We all want results quickly but some physical processes take longer than others (for example; pound for pound muscle gain takes longer than fatloss). It's important you gather enough knowledge on the time frame associated with your goals in order to make your goals 100 percent achievable.

OPTIMISE YOUR WORKOUTS - There are so many ways to make it to the same goal. What you need to do is come up with a way of doing so in the best way for YOU. If you have limited time, you need short efficient workouts. If you hate the gym, you need to get yourself outdoors and have plenty of variety to your exercise regime.

FUEL UP RIGHT - How you choose to fuel yourself is equally as crucial as the above and this is normally where most people are hindering their progress. You don't need a gram for gram, meal by meal plan. But what you do need is to be prepared and willing to change some big habits. Stop worrying about supplements for the moment, get your fridge filled with whole foods and start kicking that sneaky mid-afternoon chocolate bar habit.

COMMITTMENT - Understand that your motivation can waver. There will be days where you want to veer violently off plan. It's okay to feel that way because it happens to the best of us. But you need to be committed. Being committed to following the plan on those days you don't feel 100 percent motivated will be the difference between you achieving or not.

WHAT'S YOUR WHY - This point follows perfectly in line with the above. You can't stay committed if your 'WHY' isn't strong enough. In the past my clients have had holidays, weddings, photoshoots, social events as external whys. They're great for keeping you on track and focused.

But what is more important is that you have an internal why. A true reason you want to make progress. Is it a self esteem issue? Do you want your kids to grow up with the fittest, healthiest Dad they possibly can? Maybe you just want the confidence to make bolder career decisions or speak to women? Whatever your why is, that's the thing that will allow you to stay committed to a goal. Be open with yourself and whenever it gets tough, come back to your why.