There's one thing that seems to crop up again and again with the guys I speak to who want to achieve all their health and fitness goals but aren't right now.

Have you caught yourself saying any of these recently?

"I'm going to start next week/month/year"

"I'm going to get comfortable in the gym first"

"I'm going to get Christmas out the way"

"I'm going to wait until things settle down at home"

"I'm going to wait until this project is finished"

We are all prone to putting things off and waiting for so called better timing. I used to slap myself regularly for falling into this mindset.

Truth is, there isn't a perfect time to start something awesome. You're procrastinating and waiting for a fictional situation.

Realise time is running out and it always will be, so the longer you wait the more you are leaving on the table.

Health and fitness is one of those things that there is no one stand alone, textbook way to get success, so stop waiting for a golden opportunity and take the plunge of putting one foot in front of the other.

It will be the best thing you ever do and one of the most valuable habits you'll ever learn.