impetus online 3.0

Impetus Online 3.0 has been designed to allow busy professionals access to their own bespoke training program and all the guidance required. This program allows you all of the accountability that comes with personal training but the flexibility to train around your own schedule and without geographical restriction. The basis of the program includes:

  • 10 week initial coaching period
  • Customised training plan accessible via the Brisbournefit app
  • Initial diet diary and lifestyle questionnaire analysis 
  • Biweekly check ins via phonecall/facetime/skype
  • Tailored nutrition template/macronutrient plan and app set up
  • 7 day email/whatsapp support
  • Supplemental guidance 
  • Weekly progress form checkin 
  • Biweekly photo submittance

Client qualifications?

  • The client must to both accountable to themselves and the coach
  • The client must be willing to solve problems, not seek them out
  • The client should always be honest and understand withholding information from the coach may damage their results
  • The client should be prompt with emails/progress reports/calls based on the set schedule

impetus exclusive online

In addition to all the above, the Impetus Exclusive package also features the opportunity to run hormonal assessments; including testosterone and adrenal function, as well as food sensitivity testing via blood sampling. Personal Skype/calls will also be set up on a weekly basis and there is also scope to set up 121 half day workshops from either a Central London or Essex based location.

This online program stands in a league of it's own with regards to standards and quality. For this reason it is important those who enroll onto the program are ready and willing to put forward nothing more than their best.

* PLEASE NOTE: All programs are application only. Upon receiving application you will be contacted within 48 hours to discuss your eligibility. *