The fat loss fast-track

This 6-8 week program is focused on getting fat burnt quickly. This isn't an easy, quick fix; this is an intensive program in which you will be expected to give 100% to gain the best results possible, providing you with a great platform to continue your success. A personalised training and nutrition regiment with expert guidance every step of the way will allow you the chance to achieve fantastic results in as little as 42 days.

impetus 121

Impetus 121 is initially a 12-16 week program that covers all angles of taking your physique to the next level. From workouts to lifestyle management, Impetus 121 is designed and tailored to your specific needs. Over three months you will work closely with Charlie both in and out of the gym to transform your physique. 

impetus exclusive

This is the BrisbourneFit flagship program. In a 'no holes barred' approach to gaining the best results possible, Impetus Exclusive combines your relentless work ethic with a scientific approach that may involve hormonal profile assessment, testosterone optimisation, food sensitivity testing or even a customised meal prep/delivery service. There is also an option to add even more fuel to the accountability fire and complete this program with a physique based photoshoot to showcase your hard earnt results.

* PLEASE NOTE: All programs are application only. Upon receiving application you will be contacted within 48 hours to discuss your eligibility *

* For home based/international/live in training enquiries please email directly to provide details *