Charlie Brisbourne, Founder & coach

I founded Brisbournefit back in 2013 with a passion to help real people get real results in and out of the gym. Over the years I have worked with a broad population but have found my specialism in coaching professional men integrate health and fitness into their busy lifestyles. 

Since starting out I have achieved personal accolades such as Essex Personal Trainer of the Year, UKBFF Men's Physique Champion, UKUP Fitness Model/Men's Physique Champion & NPA Novice Bodybuilding Champion. I also completed my Sports & Ex. Sci BSc (Hons) from 2010-2013.

One of my deep routed beliefs is that health and fitness doesn't need to rule your life. It simply needs to be configured and individualised in a way that integrates, then ultimately enhances your quality of life. 

Instagram: @charliebrisbourne

YouTube: youtube.com/charliebrisbourne

E-mail: charlie@brisbournefit.co.uk


Matthew Terry, founder/trainer at TWM, partner

Matt's background in health and fitness stems from many years of highly competitive sport including competing at a regional standard in both football and volleyball. Matt has undergone his very own transformation as an individual who always strived to gain lean muscle mass. Summer 2017 saw Matt make his debut on the Men's Physique stage which he is now looking to work on and towards again for 2018. Matt operates his his own personal training company (TWM) from Absalute gym, Chelmsford, Essex.

Instagram: @matt_terryfit

E-mail: matt@brisbournefit.co.uk

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The IHF Clinic, harley St, Associate partner 

The IHF Clinic, based in Central London's Harley Street medical district, offers a range of services from simple injections and wound care, to genetic testing and advanced scientific based functional medicine. Brisbourne Fit partners with the IHF Clinic to carry out client blood tests used to identify food sensitivities. This information can then be applied to each client's specific dietary protocol to help bring about the best results possible.

Rick Davids, B.Ost, FAFS, CMTA, FDN, associate partner

Rick is health and wellness expert specialising in disease prevention and health optimisation through the application of personalised nutrition and functional medicine. He is a qualified Osteopath, Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. He is also a member of The International College of Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine. Rick works alongside the team at Brisbourne Fit to assist in the collection and interpretation of lab data including food sensitivity testing, hormonal evaluations. Importantly, he is then able to put together relevant action plans allowing clients relearn and understand their body in order to help achieve their specific health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

Website: www.myhealthrevive.com

myprotein, Sponsor, affiliate

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be approached by MyProtein with the opportunity to work together. These guys are one of the most well established supplement companies out there, both in the UK and worldwide. Very proud and very excited to be a part of their team moving forward.  

Instagram: @myproteinuk

Website: www.myprotein.com

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